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FC2 PPV 4323038 – White 19 year old nursing school student with cute shy gestures. She has the finest clear skin. She can’t stand the sound of her little leaking voice, so instead of her boyfriend, she inseminates her ovaries with her seed twice.


FC2 PPV 4323038 – 照れた仕草が可愛い色白19歳看護学制。最高級の透明肌。隠れ淫乱がバレ小さく漏れる声に我慢できず、彼氏の代わりに卵巣に2度種付け受精。
こんにちは。ツイッター凍結から復活しました羽賀 けん @8gakenken1です。


















Hello. I’m Ken Haga @8gakenken1 and I’m back from Twitter freeze.

↑I was banned from Twitter just a few days ago, so if you were following me originally, please follow me again!

This video is about a nursing student who was tricked by a bad man and was sired twice despite the fact that she has a boyfriend.

Sorry for the wait, everyone.
Here she is, with her top quality clear skin looks.

I went on a date with her after school. We went on a date after school.
Since it was our first meeting, she was reserved and a little nervous at first…

She told me that she wants to be a nurse in the future and is currently working part-time at a café while studying nursing.
Bread baked by such a cute girl makes me so happy…

I went to a high place with her who is not good at heights (I dare you!).

She was so cute when she was shy or embarrassed that I had a hard-on for her from the moment I met her.
Surprisingly, there were few people at the observatory at night, so I did my customary skirt-flipping.

I couldn’t resist the glimpse of her pale, thin legs…
I could eat five bowls of rice just by looking at her legs.

It was cold on the observation deck because it was winter.
To take my mind off the cold, we held hands, and as our hands got warmer and warmer, my crotch got hotter and hotter.

We managed to get her to a hotel without incident, and when I asked her about her story, she told me that she had a boyfriend.
How could such a cute girl not have a boyfriend?

But I was rather excited.
I mean, you can’t just take someone’s girlfriend away from them, can you?

She was still a little nervous or shy as she took off her clothes.
Then, there was a beautiful, transparent, maximal female body…

I enjoyed her hardened nipples to the fullest and let her suck my big cock deep inside her.

She was moaning so that she could not hide her pleasure and her voice was leaking out, and my excitement was at its highest.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw her face looking as if it was in pain because it was too small to fit inside her, so I let her go inside me twice.

I heard that even her boyfriend had only ever done it with a rubber, but it didn’t matter.
I planted a lot of seed in her instead of her, but I would not be responsible if she got pregnant. I will not be held responsible.

She was so cute in the bath that I had to serve her a lot with my mouth.
FC2 PPV 4323038

Date: February 28, 2024
Actors: Star

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